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Why is play so important in a child's life?

Play to a child is learning! Believe it or not, play is one of the most educational activities for your child. Before children reach the age of six, their play experiences have a profound effect on how they learn about their daily lives. Swing Time's sturdy play units have lots of space to allow a child to use his/her creativity through movement. What a child learns during outdoor playtime not only refines their motor skills, but lets their imaginations run loose! A play structure can become a ship, a rocket, a castle – its possibilities are only limited by a child's imagination. The playground is a whole new world for them to discover and explore!

How long does it take to design, build, and install a new playground?

Once you have your initial consultation with a sales consultant, our design team will put together a model that will meet your age, area and budget requirements. Once you have approved same, the delivery time could be anywhere from two to six weeks.

What are the extra costs involved in building a playground?

Some extra costs to consider are freight, installation (full or supervised), borders and safety surfacing.

How much does a typical playground cost?

We can design a playground to meet your budget requirements.

How do I choose play components for the playground?

In choosing play components for your playground, you will need to consider age. Older children would appreciate higher decks and more challenging overheads; younger children would appreciate easier access onto the structure. Our sales consultants would be happy to assist you with their expertise in this area.

What about our children with special needs?

It's important that all kids are able to join in on the fun. A number of our units are wheelchair accessible for this reason and we also offer many ground level components that are accessible to everyone. Whether it's transfer stations, raised panels, ramps, or bridges, Swing Time has the solutions for making sure that your playground is accessible.

Can Swing Time Distributors Ltd. prepare a layout plan of my future playground and if so, how much does this service cost?

Swing Time would be happy to provide you with a complimentary design and proposal package.

Does Swing Time Distributors Ltd. provide a "turnkey" option?

Yes, we do provide a turnkey operation, from the initial consultation, to the design, proposal package, fabrication, shipping, installing and inspecting. We can turn your dream playground into a reality.

Does Swing Time Distributors Ltd. offer customized products?

Blue Imp specializes in customized playgrounds. From castles to boats, to forts, to trains, Blue Imp embraces the challenge of designing a playground to meet your customized specifications.

Does Swing Time Distributors Ltd. offer site furnishings?

From bike racks to bleachers, we've got them.

What manufacturers are part of Swing Time Distributors Ltd.?

Swing Time carries products manufactured by Blue Imp, Dynamo Industries, Northwest Rubber, and Zeager Recreational Services.

What products does Swing Time Distributors Ltd. carry?

Biggo swings, Rotating Games, slides, Jumping and Specialty Games, Playnets, Climbing Boulders, environment bins, garbage cans, benches - Swing Time has a full line to meet all of your outdoor playground needs. See all of our products by clicking on the logo.

What are your products made of?

Please see individual specifications on respective web sites (i.e. Dynamo Industries, Blue Imp, etc).

What types of cushioning materials are available?

Swing Time Distributors carries various cushioning materials to meet our client's needs. From Zeager Recreational Surfacing, we carry Wood Carpet Systems, Wood Carpet Mats, Foam Mats and RecMat System 71, which is made from recycled rubber. We also carry interlocking rubber safety tiles from Northwest Rubber.

Who will install the playground?

Our installation team is CSA Certified; whether we do the full installation for you or we send our CSA Certified installer to supervise your installers, you can ensure that the proper safety requirements are met.

How will I receive the equipment?

The equipment will either be shipped directly to you or our installer will deliver.

How long will it take to receive the equipment?

Depending on in-stock items and your location, you will receive the equipment within two - six weeks.

What should I look for to identify quality construction?

Look for the Blue Imp stamp, CSA, ASTM for safety; IPEMA and ISO Certification for quality.

Does your playground equipment meet all required safety standards? How can I check?

csa standards logoAs Canada's most experienced and trusted playground manufacturer, Blue Imp takes safety standards seriously. astm internationalFor us, safety is about more than meeting a standard. It's about thinking ahead and designing in a way that promotes easy supervision and preventsASTM kids from putting themselves in danger. We are proactive in ensuring that our designs, processes and structures meet or exceed the standards established by CSA, ASTM and the CPSC's Handbook for Public Playground Safety.

ipema logoBlue Imp Recreational Products Ltd. is a member in good standing of IPEMA, the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association. IPEMA is a member-driven international trade organization which represents and promotes an open market for manufacturers of play equipment.

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Does Swing Time Distributors Ltd. provide a certificate stating that the play equipment meets the Canadian Standard?

In the interest of playground safety, IPEMA provides a Third Party Certification service whereby a designated independent laboratory validates a participant's certification of conformance to ASTM F1487, Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use, except sections 10 & 12.6.1; CAN/CSA Z614, Children's Playspaces and Equipment, except clauses 9.6, 10.5 & 11.1.1; or both. The use of the logo signifies that Blue Imp has received written validation from the independent laboratory that the product(s) associated with the use of the logo conforms with the requirements of the indicated standard.

What is the warranty on your playground equipment?

The Best Warranty in the Industry. Period. At Blue Imp, we have been building playgrounds for generations and we strive to build the kind of playground that will last for generations to come. For more on our warranty, click on the Warranty/Leasing link at the top.

Should I expect a written warranty on my play equipment?

Our warranty is included in the catalogue and is active upon purchase.

How can I place an order?

Give us a call or send us an email! We will be more than happy to assist you in any way that we can. You can reach one of our friendly sales consultants at 604-990-9187 or Toll free at 1-800-816-6949. To email, click here.

Can a Swing Time Consultant meet me at my office?

A Swing Time representative would be happy to meet with you at your office, at your site, or wherever is convenient for you.

What if I experience a problem during the project?

We are always just a phone call away.

What if I want to add on to my playground or modify it in the future?

All Blue Imp equipment is modular so adding on in the future is not a problem. Our design team will work with you to incorporate future phases into your playground.

What if I have more questions?

Give us a call or send us an email! We will be more than happy to assist you in any way that we can. You can reach one of our friendly sales consultants at 604-990-9187 or 1-800-816-6949. We look forward to hearing from you! Email Us!